E-cigarettes are incredibly popular right now because they are easy to use, provide nicotine without cancerous smoke, and come in a variety of flavors. When they were first being made, most e-cigarettes only came in basic, fruity flavors like cherry or apple. When e-cigarettes that could be filled with any type of liquid became popular, the amount of flavors on the market exploded. With the recent surge in consumption, more companies are creating unique flavors that are designed to work well with the vapor inhalation systems.

Dewberry Cream by Kilo E-Liquids
Though fruity flavors have been around since e-cigarettes were first created, this flavor is a unique take on the flavor profile. It is a honeydew melon flavor that is rarely found in e-cigarette liquids, and it is blended with honey and berry flavors to create a truly unique smoking experience. This liquid has a soft creamy taste that is particularly enjoyable.

Unicorn Puke by Lost Art Liquids
This bizarre name might not be very descriptive, but Unicorn Puke is one of the most popular flavors among younger vapers. It has a sweet flavor that is reminiscent of Skittles candy or rainbow sherbet, but it is tangy enough to avoid being overwhelmingly sugary. There is a slightly creamy taste to it that makes this liquid stand out from all of the other fruity e-juices on the market.

Tiki Juice by Halo
Halo is known for making complex flavors that do not rely on sweetness or fruitiness, and this is yet another excellent flavor by this company. Tiki Juice has a vaguely tropical flavor that combines tobacco flavors with hints of spices and mint. It is popular with people who used to enjoy smoking menthols, but the complicated mix of flavors is enjoyable without being overpowering.

Premium Dragon’s Blood by Mig Vapor
This is yet another juice that continues the trend of unusual names combined with complex flavor profiles. Premium Dragon’s Blood is an excellent fruity flavor that combines the tastes of raspberry, pomegranate, and strawberry, and it is a classic mix that contains half propylene glycol and half vegetable glycerin. This liquid has a thick, strong flavor that packs a punch, yet it does not taste overwhelmingly sweet or tangy.

Churrios by The Milkman
Churros were one of the trendiest street foods last year, so it is no surprise that this popular flavor has been reimagined as an e-cigarette flavor. The flavor is a mix of cinnamon, cream, honey, and grain that perfectly mimics the experience of biting into a freshly fried churro. This liquid also has a high amount of vegetable glycerin in the mix, creating a vapor that is thick enough to coat the tastebuds.