Retractable awnings are amazing at adding shade and appeal to your backyard without a huge expense. Not only that, but the motorized nature of the awnings allows you to take it out and put it away with the push of a button. There are a good number of options to consider, such as size and motion sensors, but finding the right one is probably easier than you think.

This is the most important decision that you need to make when buying a retractable awning. Having one that’s too large costs more than it should, and a small one will only keep a portion of your deck or patio covered in cooling shade. When choosing the size, consider both the length and width. Some simple measuring tape should be more than enough to help you figure out the right size. If you’re still not sure, then ask the installers what they think would be best.

Mounting Area
Where will the awning be mounted? This determines many other factors, such as material and size, because different mounting locations will experience varying amounts of sun and wind. The most common mounting spot is the wall because it’s sturdy and the awning can be placed reasonably close to people. There’s also roof and soffit mounting. These usually aren’t ideal because they tend to have a higher chance of being damaged, but they might be the best in some situations. If wall mounting is difficult or impossible for some reason, then the installer will be able to suggest the best possible place for the installation.

There are two main materials that you can choose from with retractable awnings. You can choose acrylic materials that are made from plastic, or laminated materials where the fabric is covered in plastic. They are both similar and offer roughly the same level of protection against the elements, but they look quite different. Laminated materials tend to look better because you can choose amazing fabrics that are then covered in a protective layer of plastic. At the same time, acrylic tends to be a bit cheaper and there are many great color options in this category.

Motion Sensor
Motion sensors will help keep your awning from getting damaged. The awning will curl up automatically if there are high winds or a lack of human activity. This is an extra expense that is recommended because of the amazing benefits. You want to keep the awning away from damaging winds as much as possible, and this is the best way to do it.

Choosing the perfect retractable awning is fairly easy. The hardest part is just choosing the right color and material because there are many different options, but everything else is just about size, mounting and other installation needs.