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Relocating can be a time-intensive hassle if you have a lot of personal possessions to move. A traditional solution has been to hire a moving company to do most of the work for you. But more recently, portable storage companies have become an exciting trend, so let us consider how these two options compare to one another.


Renting a portable storage container is almost always going to be less expensive than hiring a mover and often by a lot. Cost of labor is really the big difference here, but even fuel costs and expenses related to insurance tend to be lower when renting a moving container as opposed to hiring a professional team.

Heavy Lifting

When you hire a mover, they do the heavy lifting for you. You can even hire them to pack for you, which really eliminates much of the time-intensiveness associated with moving. When you rent a moving container, you generally have to pack your possessions and load them into the container yourself. Sure, you could hire some pros, but then you’re really cutting into and perhaps outright eliminating any of the big cost-savings generally associated with portable storage.

Reduced Stress

Relocating is a stressful event. Recent studies by mental health professionals have placed it in a top five list of the most stressful things that will happen throughout life to the average person. Companies and government agencies that cover the costs of moving have actually begun to add therapy to the package. Having a moving company to oversee all the minutia of your move can really eliminate a lot of the stress since you get to focus on the big items that really matter.

Greater Control

Of course, letting a moving company oversee everything means that you lose control. There are ways to organize your move in order to manage the stress and avoid undue anxiety. These are your personal possessions, and many people want greater control over how they are packed, loaded and organized. Containers give you great control and can make it much easier to organize your new residence.

Built-In Storage

Moving containers have the added advantage of also being storage. A sudden gap between moving out and moving in can really mess things up with a moving company but not so much with a moving container. In addition, containers let you work at your pace, and you can keep them at the facility until you request them.

Both moving companies and portable storage companies are viable options. The best option will come down to how the various pros and cons affect you. However, there is a level of flexibility provided by portable storage solutions that make it clear why this industry is growing so fast.