While it is clear the safety record for general aviation has become flat since the start of the 21st-century showing no improvement or fall in numbers, this is not true of the private jet and commercial airlines. The numbers add up to an 80 percent increase in safety for the commercial airline industry over the last decade, according to LiveScience. There is very little difference between the safety records of commercial and private charter flights meaning they are generally as safe as each other, according to USA Today.

Maintenance is key

Commercial airlines often create their own list of safety checks which they stick to rigorously and are fairly standard across the industry. In contrast, the charter airline industry is often more rigorous in ensuring all maintenance and safety checks are completed to the highest possible standards. Most private charter airlines have been working with private, third-party companies to ensure the safety checks and procedures on offer are the best available. Over the course of the last decade, the checks undertaken by most private charter jet companies have become more stringent than those used by the commercial airline industry making this at least as safe a way to travel as a domestic airline.

Publicity heightens awareness

One of the many reasons why the charter airline industry is seen as more dangerous than its commercial cousin is the publicity which usually surrounds any problem with a private charter flight. The publicity surrounding any problem is generally high because those who usually fly charter are public figures the media takes an interest in when there is even the slightest issue. At any moment there are as many as 5,000 commercial flights in the air with some grounded because of safety issues which are never reported by the mainstream media.

Private ownership changes the way safety is assessed

The majority of charter aircraft in use across the U.S. is privately-owned and operated as a charter aircraft when not in use by the owner. This means the standard of safety and maintenance is usually far higher than the commercial airline industry as pilots are some of the best paid and most respected in the world. When a flight is chartered it is usually owned by an executive from a Fortune 500 company who wants to ensure they are traveling in a comfortable and safe aircraft.

In general, the safety record of the charter aircraft industry is as impressive, if not more so than the commercial airline industry. Over the course of the last decade, the private jet sector has grown by a large amount and offers some of the safest flight options on the planet. One of the most impressive factors of charter flights is the same price is charged regardless of the number of passengers meaning overbooking is never a problem.