As May is rapidly approaching, it is time to start planning your Cinco de Mayo festivities. Cinco de Mayo is a day of celebration, as it commemorates Mexico’s victory over France in the Battle of Puebla during the French-Mexican War. While some people may be planning to go out and celebrate in honor of the victory, others plan and prepare a fiesta of their own. While hosting a Cinco de Mayo festival may require more attention and planning, it is not a huge financial commitment. There are a variety of ways to keep the price of the party relatively low while making it a special occasion. If you are considering a hosting a Cinco de Mayo fiesta, here are a few ways that you can make it one to remember.

Hosting a Cinco de Mayo fiesta requires more than fixing tacos and hanging sombreros. Although incorporating these items show an appreciation for the culture, they won’t make your event a memorable one. While food, music, and beverages are essential to any party, for a Cinco de Mayo fiesta you may want to give your options extra consideration. Instead of simply preparing tacos for your guests, assemble a taco bar for your guests to create their own. Additionally, offer your guests a variety of authentic options, such as fajitas, enchiladas, or tortillas and guacamole. While food is a great asset to parties, the secret ingredient to the perfect Cinco de Mayo festival lies within the music. The music can change the environment and set the tone. While bad choices in music can dampen the party, the right music can make the party. Additionally, consider purchasing some creative decorations. In addition to the sombreros you plan to hang around your home, try adding a spicy jalapeno element to your theme. You may also want to consider purchasing a pinata for your fiesta. While providing an entertaining activity for your guest to partake in, a pinata can double as a great piece of decor.

Although most parties require food, music, and beverages, for a Cinco de Mayo fiesta you may want to go the extra mile. Assemble a taco bar, a margarita bar, and make sure you grab some decorations to match the theme. Additionally, you may want to consider purchasing a lot of water to have on standby to keep your guests hydrated. One huge downfall for some parties is that guests do not have easy access to water. Enhancing these elements will definitely make your fiesta one to remember.