Cannabis is a wonderful plant that enables us to explore parts of our minds and the cosmos, that we don’t usually have access to. When used safely, by people with experience, Marijuana is a great activity that accompanies a walk in the forrest, a good movie and especially, good food. You may be considering introducing THC to some of your close friends. What better way to teach them, than to let them experience it for themselves.

1: The Checklist
So you want to introduce your friends to the devils’ lettuce? There’s no better way to do so than to make a list of all the criteria that leads to a good high, so that you may introducing your friends through the gateway of ganja heaven with; a good environment, good music, good food, good people and relaxing activities.

2: A Clean Environment is a Good Environment
Great places to get stoned include, but are not limited to; The wilderness, the living room, a bonfire, in the music “Jam” room, or in the back yard. It’s important to be in a safe environment, that allows new users to relax, do their favorite hobbies, or get some solitude, if need be. Clean environments are always the way to go. No one wants to get stoned and look at a messy room. Your in Gonja Heaven for goodness sakes! Let’s treat it with some honor. Need a new mood? Make sure to check out these Mood Lights , at Moodlights.com

3.Chill Tunes
The music that you choose will set the mood. Whether it’s Bob Marley, Pink Floyd or any of your favorite artists; it’s important to pick some vibes that allow people to relax, conversate, or simply melt into the couch and drink it all in. A good selection is a good choice, because you never know which artist you will need when the moment strikes. Scoopwhoop.com has a compilation of the Best Stoned Tunes if you need any enlightening ideas.

4.Decadent Nourishment
Everyone who has flown high on the kite knows that your pallet craves the juiciest, tastiest, crunchiest and zestiest foods know to man. The fridge isn’t that far away,so lets make sure to stock it full of the finest calories. Since we are obviously the veteran of the group, make sure to introduce your friends to your favorite cravings. Need some ideas for your upcoming pot laced event? The daily beast offers great advice for the best “Munchie Foods.”

5.Chillaxing the Right Way
Everyone likes a good game to bond to.nThese activities only get better when your are dancing with Mary Jane. Pick activities that don’t require to much thinking and reasoning, since we all know we tend to be more heart oriented when we smoke. Good examples of games would be passing the controller around the room on a game of Nintendo Mario, playing a simple game of croquette, or a good game of the stoner classic; frisbee golf. Leave it to Vice News to offer us “The Best List of Movies for Mary J.”

Marijuana is a wonderful past time that can be enjoyed in multiple environments and states of mind. So if your going to introduce your friends, be a good host and make sure to give them the ride of their lives. They’ll never forget the time they had their mind blown by their best friend.