Recycling is something that every business needs to start doing today to reduce waste in landfills and protect the environment. Your office needs a formal recycling program with a team of knowledgeable employees at the helm. Here is how to start an office recycling program.

Create a Team and Budget

Since around 30 percent of all waste is recyclable on average, you will need a team and budget to assist your program. The budget needs to include any pickup charges, initial costs for buying bins and future money for supplies. Your team should contain a few people who are all willing to answer questions and maintain the recycling areas.

Buy Recycling Bins and Supplies

You want to have recycling bins in different colors located all throughout the office. Walk through and calculate how many. Have them near lunchrooms, vending machines and conference rooms. Think about getting biodegradable liners for the bins. Get a few extra bins just in case.

Send Out Recycling Rules and Guidelines to Everyone

The recycling rate today is about 34 percent nationwide. Part of this is because sometimes people do not know what is or is not recyclable. Send out a clear communication to everyone in the office listing the recycling rules and guidelines. Give examples of items that are recyclable and list the locations of the bins.

Post Signs near Recycling Bins

Make large and clear signs listing what should go into each bin. Hang them on or above the recycling bins. This makes it much easier for the office staff to quickly assess the correct place to put recyclable waste. Do not skip this step since it will prevent situations where you end up having to sort through the bins later.

Arrange For Pickups

Arrange for pickup of your recycling every week or month depending on the size of the office. Check if your municipality will handle it for free. If not, then you will have to contract with a private recycling company. Some private companies might even provide you with a dumpster or other containers for the recycled materials. Take advantage of everything the company is offering.

Monitor Feedback and Progress

Take the time every week to check on feedback from employees. Set up a dedicated email address, physical mailbox or suggestion box for feedback. Consider each point. Additionally, look at what bins are being used and what ones are remaining mostly empty. Adjust the program and placement of bins according to what is happening and the feedback.

Refine the Program as Necessary

Reassess the program every one to three months. Look for redundancies or inefficiencies. Bring the entire team together to talk about it. Make refinements as things change such as pickup schedules or staffing levels. This will help you to create the most effective and efficient recycling program possible.