The leaves are budding. The weather is getting warmer. These signs point to the fact that spring is in the air. Mother Nature is preparing for the seasonal change. This means that you’ll probably want to follow suit. In addition to spring cleaning your home, office, and car, why not spring clean your wardrobe and give yourself a new look. There are a few ways to make your appearance fresh and vibrant for the new season. Consider these ideas and pick whatever options resonate with you the most.

1. Trench Coats
Even on a budget, it’s wise to purchase items that will last a long time and prove to stand the test of time. One of the best investments in any woman’s wardrobe is an adorable trench coat. Instead of purchasing it in a trendy color, choose the classic colors of khaki or navy blue. These colors really work well for the springtime. They’ll look good on top of any outfit. Plus, they’ve been in the wardrobes of women for years. They’re not going out of style anytime soon.

2. Floral Accessories
Spring and floral accessories go perfectly together. Accessories are the best way to add a punch of excitement and springtime flair to a winter wardrobe. A hair pin or headband with flowers is a pretty option. Instead of getting a regular manicure, choose the nail decals with floral prints. These are discreet ways to add springtime details to an otherwise dull look.

3. Khakis
Khakis are easy to purchase at any budget. They’re easy to find in most department stores and discount stores. If those stores are too expensive for your budget, visit the thrift store. Thrift stores always have an abundance and wide variety of jeans and khaki colored pants. A pair of tan-colored khakis will look really fresh and clean with a white button-up top. For a fun accent, add a funky pin to go on top of the shirt. Another fun look with khakis involves the army green khakis. Even though these are darker in color, they still look great with a striped shirt that has 3/4″ length sleeves. Match the ensemble with flats and you’re good to go!

4. Flats
Flats are always an excellent way to add a bit of trend to your spring wardrobe. Since spring has its cooler days, continue to wear some of the items you wore during the fall and winter. Just add a pair of different colored flats to add a bright punch to the look.

These are just a few of the ways to brighten up your wardrobe and enjoy the season on a budget. With a little creativity and hunting in the consignment bins, it won’t be hard to create a wardrobe you gain lots of compliments on!