Summertime is a wonderful season to have a wedding, especially if you are working with a tight budget. There are many budget-friendly ideas that can make that day very special you can consider. Hopefully, these ideas should help to spark your creativity and imagination.

Budget Wedding Outdoors

For a low budget venue, use a backyard, either your own, the yard of a family member, or a friend. In the summertime, a late afternoon or evening wedding may the most comfortable as far as temperature. Candlelight is very romantic especially combined with using strings of miniature white lights.

Look for a yard that has plants blooming and is large enough to accommodate your guests. Consider having your reception at the same location. Use the seating for the wedding that later can be moved to double as seating for the reception.

An elegant addition is to create a temporary gazebo using a silk parachute draped over a frame built with a center peak. These parachutes can be purchased online, or at a used military supply store.

During the summertime, you want to be comfortable in the heat. Instead of the traditional wedding gown or tux, wearing a white sundress (bride) or a Hawaiian shirt with linen pants (groom) can work as well. Another idea is to have a theme for the wedding that carries over to the reception. Check out your local thrift stores for appropriate clothing to match your theme.

You don’t have to sacrifice live flowers if you are on a tight budget. Using local wildflowers combined with herbs is perfectly acceptable for the wedding and the reception. Even the bride’s bouquet can be made with garden flowers.

Thinking buffet is a smart and easy way to feed your guests. Tacos, barbecue, salads, loaded potatoes, are all buffet ideas. Ask friends and family to handle last minute details and set-up having done most of the prep work and clean-up ahead of time. Use disposable plates and dinnerware to save on clean-up. The dollar store provides many party items at low cost.

Keeping the cost of the bar low is easy if you keep the selection limited but fun and refreshing. Offer an alcoholic punch, a house wine, homemade lemonade, and water. Adding a keg of beer is another option. Have the drink station well stocked with ice and cups and place away from the food for a nice flow.

Special Day

Just know that you can have an elegant as well as an affordable wedding. The big-ticket items for weddings, with a little thinking outside the box, can be skirted. Make this wedding your own. Your creativity can shine on this special day.