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More than thirty percent of women experience urinary incontinence as do many men. Having a problem with your bladder leaking can be frustrating, especially when you’re away from home. It’s the kind of thing that can cause some people to isolate themselves to avoid feeling embarrassed. It can also result in a lot of stress when traveling because you don’t always have privacy to deal with a problem that arises immediately. The following tips can help you better handle problems that might occur when you’re on a family vacation.

Set Aside Extra Supplies

Whenever you’re going on a trip, you’ll want to prepare for the length of time you’ll be gone in advance so that you have plenty of time to set aside all of the supplies you’ll need. This might include a shopping trip to purchase an extra set of underpads, underwear, wipes, plastic bags, powder, creams and anything else that you normally use for incontinence. The goal is to have an extra set that you don’t plan to use unless an emergency occurs. This emergency bag will be used if your vacation goes awry and you end up being away from home longer than anticipated.

Travel with a Large Bag

Purses come in all sizes these days. When you’re traveling for a family vacation, you’ll want to use a large bag as your purse. This will enable you to keep many of the supplies that you’ll need to access immediately within arms reach. You’ll keep all of the items previously mentioned in one compartment. The emergency supplies should be packed in your suitcase. You’ll also keep an extra set of clothes in your large bag.

Avoid Diuretic Foods

When traveling, one of the last things you’ll want to do is eat foods and drink beverages that are considered diuretic. Whether it’s fruit, coffee or tea, you’ll want to avoid anything that increases the number of times you go to the restroom. In fact, you should avoid anything that has caused a problem in the past or has irritated your urinary tract. You should especially avoid these types of foods and beverages when on an airplane.

Take Advantage of Layovers or Rest Stops

As you probably already know, layovers and rest stops are a perfect opportunity to empty your bladder when traveling. While you might not feel like it’s necessary, you don’t want to miss the chance to use the restroom. It’s much better than having to rush to a facility when you arrive at your destination. You’ll want to feel relaxed as you enjoy time with your family.