With the lobster season on the way, many people are already thinking about their first lobster feast of the season. Although it seems fairly basic, preparing the perfect lobster dinner takes careful planning and preparation, if you want a good old New England style event. There are many different lobster recipes as well, so decide whether you are going with a traditional boiled lobster dinner or have something fancier in mind.

The best lobster has to be Maine lobster. That is where to start. Getting the finest quality lobster is essential in creating the perfect lobster dinner. Whether you plan a visit to Maine or are arranging to have it shipped, choosing Maine lobster is a way to ensure you are getting the very best fresh and tasty lobster around. If you are in the state, there are so many restaurants where you can get a scrumptious lobster meal. Coastal Living lists the best seafood restaurants in maine

If you are cooking your own perfect boiled lobster dinner and you have chosen the finest Maine lobster, the next step is proper preparation. My best recommendation is to boil the lobster, although some prefer steamed or poached. Make sure to boil the water before placing the lobster in the pot. After placing the lobster in the boiling water, put the cover on the pot and boil between twelve and fifteen minutes for a one pounder. Boil a two pound lobster for twenty to twenty-five minutes. Do not open the pot while boiling and do not over boil because that will make the lobster meat tough. The lobster will be bright red when done and ready to serve with lemon and melted butter, or “drawn butter” as they say in Maine. You will need a lobster cracker and a lobster fork to get all the meat. Always have a bowl for the shells on the table and plenty of napkins.

Make a salad to go with the lobster dinner by tossing garden greens, tomato, cucumber, onion, celery and red pepper together with a creamy dressing. For the adults, a glass of chilled Chardonnay goes well with the meal. Corn on the cob is a favorite side dish with the perfect lobster dinner. Melt some butter on top and enjoy! You can also add some French fries or a baked potato. For dessert, a cool sherbet with fruit topping will bring the meal to a fitting close.

If you are looking for different recipes with lobster, the Huffington Post has some great suggestions.
The lobster grilled cheese and creamy lobster risotto look especially good. Whether you decide to go with the traditional lobster dinner or a special dish, you now know how to prepare the perfect lobster dinner to remember.