Summer is almost upon us, and we are fast approaching those warm, hazy days where we will be called upon to shed our clothing and reveal our summer bodies. Are you ready, or have you let the cold, dark days of winter dictate what you eat and therefore, how you look?

The good news is, you have a little bit of time to whip yourself into shape before you go shopping for that perfect swimsuit and head to the beach. You deserve to look and feel your best; part of this process is getting healthier so that you can enjoy the increase in daylight hours and the upswing in your social calendar. Here are some tips for getting your summer body just in time for warmer weather:

1. Get some color
Believe it or not, getting some color to your skin will improve your overall look. You appear more toned, beach-ready, and it will improve your confidence as you pick out your summer wardrobe. Who knows? Maybe your new color will provide you with the inspiration to up your workout game as well!

2. Eat more fruits and vegetables
Not only are fresh fruits and vegetables delicious, but they are also power packed with nutrients and water as well; you get hydrated while improving your diet. With the arrival of summer, you will likely want to begin eating lighter foods, let this natural craving drive you to make better choices that could ultimately lead to weight loss.

3. Indulge in some hair removal
Say goodbye to those rough legs and pay attention to your bikini line, as people will be viewing more of you in these coming summer months. If you don’t have the budget for electrolysis, you might want to try some simple, over the counter hair removal products that nourish the skin while removing unwanted hair gently enough to reduce removal rash. You’ll attain a whole body summer glow.

4. Nourish that sun-kissed skin
Skin that is exposed to the elements does need a bit of additional TLC–providing additional exfoliation, rich moisturizers, and protection from sun’s harmful rays will keep your whole body looking and feeling its best from head to toe.

5. Raise the barre on your workouts
Anyone who has seen professional dance knows that ballet is a full body workout! Consider taking this fusion of yoga, pilates, and traditional ballet to burn over 600 calories per session, and uncover a sleek, lithe body that moves with grace through the summer months.

6. Drink that water!
With the increase in temperature comes an increased need for water. Hydrating throughout the summer months will prevent dehydration, improve skin tone, and increase your metabolism. Drinking enough water will also fill you up throughout the day, flushing your body of harmful toxins and bringing about near effortless weight loss.

7. Don’t forget the tips!
With all of the buzz around your skin and your body, your nails are often neglected. Getting regular manicures and pedicures seals your whole summer look while protecting fragile nails from getting stripped of valuable oils and proteins. Set regular appointments for pampering so that no matter where you are–the beach, the garden, or doing housework at home—you look and feel “dressed from head to toe”.

Don’t be afraid to bare it all this summer—with these simple tips for prepping your summer body, you’ll be ready to reveal your fresh new you in no time at all!