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In the modern society, electricity has become part of each person’s life. People require electric power in their homes or factories to run cooking equipment and other crucial machines. However, it is advisable to use electricity safely to avoid electrical fires and accidents in homes or workplaces. Each year, hundreds of Americans get electrocuted or injured by electrical fires. Some of these accidents occur due to negligence. Everyone requires a clear understanding  electrical safety tips to avoid electrical fires and injuries. The article below provides six basic tips that will assist you in promoting electrical safety in your home.

Always Hire a Qualified Electrician
When your electrical appliances break down, you need to contact an experienced professional to handle the work. It can be dangerous to perform electrical work if you do not have knowledge in the field. It is advisable to hire a licensed electrician from a reputable company.

Never Touch Electrical Appliances with Wet Hands
You should know that water is a good conductor of electricity. If you touch naked electric wires with wet hands, you can easily be electrocuted. Before switching on or off your electrical appliances, you need to ensure that your hands are dry. Additionally, you should educate teenagers and kids in your house to observe this tip to avoid electrical injuries.

Avoid Overloading Extensions
Many people use extensions in their houses to connect different appliances to electric power. If you want to be safe, you should not overload these extensions. Overloaded extensions are likely to lead to fire breakouts and other problems.

Keep Your Children Away from Electrical Appliances
Children like playing with all sorts of gadgets in the house. However, you should be cautious when they go near electrical appliances. You should not allow them to play with them to avoid getting injured. All electrical sockets should be out of their reach.

Unplug all the Appliances
If you are not using electrical appliances in your house, you should unplug them. The practice will decrease monthly bills and promote electrical safety in your home. Additionally, after unplugging these appliances, you should switch off sockets, which keeps your house safe when you are in the workplace.

Know Your Electrical Panel
The electrical panel in your house has the main switch and other small switches that usually deliver electric power to various parts of your property. Also, it has the main breaker that controls the panel. In case of an electrical problem, the breakers will trip. If the main breaker trips persistently, you should contact an experienced electrician for assistance.

You should repair old appliances in your house. It is advisable to check them regularly to ensure that they are running smoothly. If you practice the above electrical safety tips, you will prevent electrical accidents in your compound.