There are so many benefits to working from home – no traffic, private bathroom, access to a washing machine, lunchtime naps in your own bed. In order to take full advantage of the perqs of working from home, you need to maximize your productivity while you work. By being fully productive while still taking full advantage of the pros of working from home, you can hit the sweet spot of working remotely that seems to elude most telecommuters. It will elude you too, unless you learn the value of office organization.
Huffington Post recommends establishing an organized workspace as one of the keys to increasing your productivity. Let’s look at 6 simple ways you can improve your office organization and boost your productivity.

1). Invest in a good chair. Curling up with your laptop on the couch is what many people envision when they think of working from home, but sitting in a real chair with real back support and real ergonomic comfort is a must. You’ll learn to focus your work around your desk or table and begin to structure your organization around that area.

2). Go old school by getting a land line. Your cell phone can do pretty much anything, but it can also drop calls in the middle of an important meeting. A land line will take the stress out of conference calls, and you won’t feel the need to look at your cell phone all day.

3). Stock up on office supplies. You don’t need to break the bank. In fact, US News¬†offers some great money-saving tips for stocking your office. Being prepared is one of the best steps to achieving organization. When you need to ship out that document overnight, having your packaging supplies on hand can save you much frustration and time.

4). Follow the clock. If you are working out of a home office, it can be easy to veer from the usual office hours. Find your rhythym and then stick with it. Be organized and efficient in your office hours, so that you know your schedule and others know your schedule as well.

5). Go paperless. Or a least file things. Paper piles will take residence in your office and they will eventually evict you if you don’t evict them first. If going paperless isn’t an option for you, then it’s probably wise to invest in a file drawer. Give every paper a home.

6). Be a nerdy list-maker. Keep track of things you need to do, things you need to purchase, things that require follow-up. Organization takes effort and intentionality – you probably won’t just wake up one day feeling organized. Keeps some lists and make organization your priority.