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Many men are embarrassed to have incontinence. One of the reasons that men are embarrassed to have incontinence is because there are a lot of myths about this condition. It is important to dispel myths so that one can have accurate information about male incontinence.

Myth: Incontinence Only Affects Old Men

Fact: Older men are more prone to developing a condition called benign prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH. This condition can lead to incontinence. However, younger men can also develop incontinence. Keep in mind that incontinence in younger men may be a symptom of a more serious condition such as diabetes. It can also be a sign of a neurological problem.

Myth: Incontinence Means That You are Unclean

Fact: Incontinence does not mean that you have to be unclean. You can use a bladder weakness protection product. This will ensure that you stay dry. Bladder protection products work by keeping the urine and odor away from your body.

Myth: Incontinence Interferes With Virility

Fact: Many men feel that having incontinence makes them less of a man. However, incontinence does not interfere with your virility. Your virility is dependent upon the amount of testosterone that your body makes. Your testes produce testosterone.

It is also important to note that incontinence does not have any effect on your sex life. However, if you have experienced nerve damage or had surgery, then your sex life may be affected.

Myth: Incontinence is Uncommon in Men

Fact: Male incontinence is fairly uncommon. However, this condition affects approximately 12 percent of men. That number is even higher in older populations. In fact, some studies suggest that 30 percent of men who are over the age of 65 are incontinent. Many cases of male incontinence go unreported because men are too embarrassed to seek help from this condition.

Myth: You can Control Your Incontinence if You Try

Fact: No one is incontinent on purpose, so trying really hard will not help you control it. You can perform Kegel exercises, which can help you control your bladder. It is also a good idea for you to use incontinence products so that you will have an easier time managing your conditions.

Myth: I Cannot Drive Long Distances if I Have Continence

Fact: You do not have to let incontinence ruin your life. If you have the right protection products, then you can still continue your normal activities. This includes driving a long distance.