In today’s workplace, diversity among employees is a must. With more and more of business being international in scope, it’s more important than ever to have a workforce that can adapt to these changes, as well as having a workforce that is diverse in regards to race, sexual orientation, religion, and other aspects. However, for businesses big and small, it can sometimes be difficult to have a workplace that is as diverse as one would like. To get the diverse workplace you seek, here are six ideas you can use to achieve your goals.

Create Task Forces
Focusing on certain aspects of a company such as gender, ethnicity, disabilities, and other important areas, task forces can be important tools to help employees better understand one another. And along with this, task forces can also lead to better relations between employees and customers, which can lead to a more diverse customer base and increased revenues.

Diversity Policies
By doing this, you can do such things as having on-site childcare, flexible work schedules, time off for religious holidays, and making offices easily accessible for workers with various disabilities.

Hire and Promote On Merit
To have a workplace that’s as diverse as possible, hire and promote people based on merit. By doing so, chances are you’ll have many different types of people in key positions, enabling your company to have a level of diversity that is unmatched.

Effective Channels of Communication
By having an open-door policy and having channels of communication in place that deal with such sensitive topics as workplace bullying and sexual harassment, you’ll be able to have a workplace where employees can feel safe and confident, knowing any issues that come up will be resolved in a fair and timely manner.

Work With Community Organizations
If you have any questions as to how your workplace can become more diverse, work with community organizations that specialize in diversity. Whether it’s having seminars or workshops on-site, you and your employees can learn what it takes to have a workforce that accurately resembles the community in which it is located.

Ask Employees for Referrals
It’s a given that your employees probably have friends who are looking for new career opportunities. By asking them for referrals, you’ll be able to attract new people into your workplace, creating a more diverse atmosphere.

By taking the issue of workplace diversity seriously, your company will be able to stay ahead of the competition when it comes to having a cutting-edge workforce, resulting in much happier employees and a much more profitable business.