3D glasses are as popular as ever. So, you have some, and you want to come with ideas how to work them into an event. Whether you want to host a small family event or a much larger one, we have six ideas that will work.

1. Host a 3D Movie

Just about everyone loves 3D movies. You’ll need a 3D television or 3D projector, and you can host it from the comfort of your living room. If you have a home theater, that is even better since you can create a real cinema-like experience, and if your ideas are a bit grander in terms of audience, you may want to consider renting out a theater in your area for a private screening.

2. Host a 3D Movie Outdoors

Another option is to forget the cinema-like experience and go for a drive-in experience instead. Hosting an outdoor 3D movie can be as simple as setting up a projector and screen in your backyard. You may other options for a larger audience, such as a local park or even an actual drive-in if you are so lucky.

3. Host a 3D Fireworks Display

When it comes to 3D fireworks, you don’t have to do anything beyond having some fireworks—any colorful fireworks will do—and having some 3D glasses. Wear your glass, light the fireworks and enjoy the show. There are even cheap paper 3D glasses available for this particular purpose. The glasses add a prismatic effect that makes the fireworks seem fuller rather than flat.

4. Host a 3D Video Game Competition

Did you know that there are many video games that support 3D displays as well? There are many different 3D games available. This can be perfect for a party for children or for a sleepover, but don’t discount how cool 3D video games can be for the adults as well.

5. Host a 3D Party

Need a great idea for your child’s next birthday party? Make it a 3D party! There is all manner of 3D artwork, images and decorations. Even party games are available in 3D too, and you can have the cake made to take advantage of the glasses too.

6. Host a 3D Science Project for Kids

Last but not least, consider a science event. Kids can learn about 3D technologies. Activities can including viewing 3D movies and images, but there are also various science kits available that create results that take advantage of the glasses.

Events involving 3D glasses can be tremendous fun. But be mindful not to overuse them and strain the eyes. Spice up your event with planned breaks that lets your attendees take part in activities that don’t involve wearing their glasses.