It is important to protect your family from the dangers of electricity. Today, having electrical equipment in a home is normal, and many individuals don’t realize how dangerous some of these devices are. Here are six safety tips for families to avoid injuries or deaths from electricity.

Electrical Safety Tip 1: Keep Electrical Devices Away From Moisture

You and your children might think that modern electrical devices are safe around moisture, but this isn’t true. Keep electrical cords and devices away from bathtubs, sinks and other areas that have water. If a plumbing fixture breaks in your home, then avoid the area when there is water on the floor. You should know where the circuit breaker box and main water valve is located in your home to turn off these devices in an emergency.

Electrical Safety Tip 2: Don’t Stick Fingers or Objects Into Outlets

Make sure that your young children aren’t putting their fingers or objects into electrical outlets. The only thing that should go into an outlet is an electrical plug or safety cover. If you have infants or toddlers in your home, then buy plastic safety covers that will fit over the outlets to prevent any accidental shocks.

Electrical Safety Tip 3: Avoid Outdoor Electrical Power Lines

You should avoid outdoor electrical power lines while working on your home’s roof or cleaning its gutters. In addition, teach your children to stay away from the electrical power lines. Never fly a kite or operate flying toys near electrical power lines, and if a power line is on the ground, then stay away from it and notify local law officials.

Electrical Safety Tip 4: Avoid Using Extension Cords

It is important to avoid using extension cords as much as possible because the items can overheat, causing a fire. If you must use an extension cord, then make sure that it is in excellent condition. You should only use an extension cord to plug in one device to avoid overloading it.

Electrical Safety Tip 5: Pull Out the Plug Instead Of the Cord

When you are unplugging an electrical device, unplug it from the wall rather than yanking on the cord. If you yank on an electrical cord, then it can fall apart, leading to an electrical shock or fire.

Electrical Safety Tip 6: Don’t Keep Electrical Cords Trailing On the Floor

Don’t have electrical cords trailing across the floor where people and family pets can walk on the items. Have an appliance or electronic device near the outlet so that the electrical cord is hidden from view. Use special wrapping devices to shorten the length of the cords so that the items are not trailing along carpets and floorboards.