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Employers have the opportunity to make the work environment a comfortable and safe place for their employees. By promoting diversity in the workplace, employees will have a better understanding of the people they work with on a daily basis and will therefore have better performance outcomes. This will in turn boost company morale and increase employee productivity. Successful organizations recognize the action that needs to take place in order to promote diversity and are willing to spend resources on managing diversity in the workplace. Below are the five ways that companies can promote diversity in the workplace.
1.) Assessing Diversity in Your Organization
The first step would be to assess and evaluate the amount of diversity that is already in your organization. This can simply be done by having employees take a survey. The survey is convenient and confidential which will allow the employer to determine the challenges and obstacles that surround the topic of diversity. This will also help the employer determine any new policies that need to be implemented or reassessed.

2.) Training and Educating
Teaching employees about diversity is key in order to have a successful organization. Time and effort should be spent on educating others about the business value of diversity and inclusion. Diversity and inclusion should always be incorporated when it comes to career development. Train and educate employees who are recruiting others to spend outreach efforts in finding a wide range of professional and dedicated employees from all different backgrounds and cultures. In order to be successful, it is important to recruit potential qualified employees from diverse communities and groups. Talking to local organizations and groups including churches and colleges can help to connect with diverse groups of people.
3.) Create an Equal Opportunity Employment Policy
By creating this policy, the employer would be establishing an unbiased hiring process that does not discriminate against race, culture, age, and gender. Setting up committees within the organization to enforce this policy is important and can help come up with new ideas on how to attract more diverse candidates to the company.
4.) Mutual Respect
Having respect and communication with one another is important for success and allows for an environment where employees can feel comfortable expressing themselves and their ideas. Better work comes out of individuals who feel as though they will not be judged or viewed differently for their opinions. It is important for fellow employees to embrace the uniqueness and ideas of others and to all be committed to drive results. Leaders should make efforts to always have diverse thinking around the company.

5.) Flexibility and Understanding
Understanding that everyone has a life outside of the work place is extremely beneficial. Employers should not be close-minded to women who have a gap in their resumes because they were busy being stay-at-home mothers. Employers should not interpret this gap as a lack of commitment or ambition. Organizations should also be flexible and understanding to the fact that a lot of women have young children at home. Flexibility with time and hours can really attract more female employees.