It is no secret that sometimes employees lack the drive to do their required jobs due to some factors such as tedious routine, wanting working conditions and lack of adequate communication. If these workers are not encouraged, there is bound to be some decrease in performance in the workplace and the business at large. Here are five tips to help in making your workers think outside the box.




Everyone feels great to be appreciated. Even research shows that plants which are sung and talked to grow healthier and better than those that are left to develop on their own. The same principle applies in the workplace. Once your workers see that you encourage innovation and creativity, you will be surprised at just how much talent you have been harboring in your company or organization. Some effective motivation strategies include the employee of the month badges or awards, salary raise, office promotions or something as simple as taking your workers out to trips and retreats.


Open Communication


There have to be free grounds for communication between your workers and you. If you create an atmosphere where workers are deathly afraid of you, and they only speak when they are spoken to, then they will end up doing just what has been spelled out for them. But once you show them that they can always approach you with issues that are in line with your business, you will find that some significant improvements arise from ideas from your workers.


Lead by example


Another efficient way of stimulating creativity is showing your workers precisely what you need from them is doing it yourself. This way they will know that you are not just a boss, but you know what you are doing. For example, if you wanted ideas about creating the logo of your company, you can start by coming up with your own design and pinning it up on a wall, thus setting the pace. You can then tell your workers to do the same and after a fixed period collect the ideas and choose the best one. This not only challenges them to come out of their comfort zones but also creates a fun working environment for them.


External influence


Another way for getting the creative juices of your workers flowing is by bringing in an outsider in the same line of business as you to give them a sort of motivational talk. This can be done in the form of one session on one weekend, or it can be a gradual process within a set period. An alternative to this is organizing benchmarks. This is where you get workers from a different company to come to your business to show your workers how they operate back in their firm thus creating that spirit of healthy competition. You can also take your workers into an organization that does better than you where they will feel the need to improve and from there their minds will be stimulated to think vastly.


Be Patient; reshuffle; optimize


In as much as you want your workers to be creative and open-minded, it is also important to be patient with them. While some people work excellently under pressure, some cannot handle it and may end up resigning, leaving you short on the workforce. It is thus useful to know that everyone responds differently to strategies and methods. Sometimes all you need to do is move them across departments in your company and observing them. You will see that although someone excels in one job, they are destitute in another. Therefore you will do well to put everyone in the office where they seem to be performing exponentially, and their creativity levels will only be going up.


Every aspect of life requires open-mindedness and flexibility. Businesses have optimized on this fact and try to encourage ideas no matter how small they may seem. This way invention and development keep getting better and better with each passing day. Hopefully, these five tips will help you encourage your workers to be more open-minded.