Activated Charcoal

Did you ever eat at a restaurant the day before it was shut down for spreading e.coli? Accidentally take a sip from the wrong can of very old soda, or gulp some chunky milk? That’s a good time for activated charcoal capsules. This natural powder is used in homes and emergency rooms the world over in cases of food poisoning, accidental poisoning, and other digestive ailments. It is far less expensive to buy in bulk and make your own capsules, and they’ll be free of any additives or sweeteners. Yes, you can drink it in water, but do you want to? Having empty capsules on hand makes it far easier to swallow.

Essential Oils

While some shy away from ever ingesting oils, others use them medicinally when properly diluted. While the choice to ingest oils is a personal one, the method is made much simpler with empty capsules. Essential oils must be diluted before ingestion, and some are better released in your gut than swallowing them straight down. Add diluted essential oils to capsules immediately before taking them, as with any liquid or loose gel. Capsules are made to melt, and will, so keep them dry until you’re ready for your dose.


Whether it’s your ceremonial grade matcha every morning, the real vanilla powder you prefer in your coffee, or the foot powder your sprinkle on at night, lugging the whole container on vacation is a waste of luggage space. Make up the number of capsules you’ll need, and include labeling to stay well within TSA compliance. The magnesium supplement you stir into your tea that would otherwise look like a bag of white powder is better off in capsules with documentation.

Food and Beverage Flavors

Do you use packaged flavorings for your bottle of water? Stop buying the individual packets and make a few capsules from the bulk container. Carry one container of capsules, and simply break one open to flavor your water. Do you like some nutritional yeast or herb blend on your afternoon popcorn at work? It’s far easier to have individual servings made up than to keep the whole bottle at your desk or in your bag.

Herbal Remedies and Supplements

You can purchase that turmeric, cinnamon, or maca in bulk. In many cases, you get fresher, higher-quality herbs and supplements at a lower price than the capsules at your grocery store. Make up some capsules ahead of time, and you’ll be able to quit the pricey brands. You’ll also be able to combine some of those supplements into a proprietary blend if you’re into such projects.