Summer is on the way and you should be prepared. Along with working out and getting back in your swimsuit, it’s important to think about pests that love to invade the home during warmer weather. Now is the time to take advantage of a few simple strategies that keep those unwanted pests at bay. Here are a few examples to help you get started.

Start at the Top

There are points of access throughout the home. In order to make sure they are secure, start on the top of the house. That means checking all the vents, grills, and other small openings found on the roof and just below it. Most of them can be sealed and still allow air flow. All you need is the right type of screen to fit snugly over those openings. That will help to keep many different kinds of pests from getting into the attic and making the insulation into their own private abode.

Seal Any Cracks Along the Home’s Exterior

After taking care of the roof and attic, it’s time to check the rest of the home’s exterior. Walk around and look for any signs of cracks or small openings in the walls. Tiny spaces between bricks, cracks in the stucco, or a portion of wood siding that’s deteriorated is all many pests need to gain access. If making the repairs are a little beyond your do-it-yourself talents, there are professionals who can seal those spaces with ease.

Take a Good Look at Your Windows and Exterior Doors

While you’re at it, check the windows and the exterior doors. You want to make sure the sashes fit snugly into each frame. Doing so will prevent tiny pests like ants from having an easy time getting into the home. Remember to check around the window frame for any cracks or tiny open spaces. Along with making it easier to cool the interior, sealing those spaces will keep pests at bay.

The exterior doors should also fit snugly in the frames. That includes meeting the threshold properly. Consider leaving the storm doors up for the summer as an added barrier. Coupled with placing screens on the outside of the window sashes decreases the odds of unwanted visitors by a wide margin.

Time to Do Some Landscaping

Now is the time to trim the hedges and shrubs. They should not be touching the side of the house. You also want to keep gardening tools and supplies tucked away in the garage or workshop. Leaving them close to the home is an invitation for pests to get a little closer.

Invest in Airtight Containers For the Pantry

Spring cleaning often involves putting the kitchen pantry in order. While you’re doing that, consider buying plastic or glass containers that seal securely. They can be used to store staples like sugar, flour, cereal, and other things that usually come in boxes or bags. Along with keeping the food fresher, the containers won’t attract ants or roaches.

Is your home ready for summer? If not, now is the time to make some changes. Remember to call an exterminator and have the home treated. Between your efforts and those of the pest control professional, you have a good chance of not seeing any critters inside for the entire season.