Attention-to-detail is key in a successful move, whether relocating down the street or across the country. Start the process by choosing the right movers for your relocation needs. Dozens of companies offer their services to moving households but these companies all offer their own criteria and standards for a move which may considerably differ from your own. Find the right moving company by asking questions as you compare your options. Five of the most important questions:

1- Do You Offer Binding Quotes?

Over-the-phone quotes are not binding, meaning the prices are subject to change at any moment. Although such a quote is a starting point that gives you an idea of prices, they’re not reliable. When you request a binding quote, it will not exceed the prices that you’re given. Get this quote in writing. Thanks to digital technology, it is easier than ever to get a written estimate.

2- Are You Licensed & Insured?

Licensed movers are those with the proper training, education, and expertise to handle your valuables with care. Do not hire an unlicensed mover under any circumstances. Be sure that the company is registered with the U.S. Department of Transportation if moving states. Basic moving coverage provides 60 cents per pound reimbursement in the event your items are lost or damaged during the move. Many movers offer additional insurance coverage for additional fees.

3- What are the Payment Terms?

Never pay upfront for a move. Although some movers require a deposit, none should require an upfront payment. Only pay for the delivery after the inventory of all of your items. Read carefully any contracts before signing on the dotted line and never agree to any terms that you simply do not agree with.

4- Do You Have References?

Request references from any moving company of interest. A good mover will offer three to four references without hesitation. Don’t be so trustworthy of a company lacking references. Be sure that you check the references the moving company offers, verifying the customer’s experience with thyme and learning their overall opinion.

5- What are the Costs of Extra Services?

Many moving companies charge extra fees for extra services. Each moving agency has their own list of ‘extra services’ so it is important to inquire about what the company considers such a charge. Fuel charges, packing fees, and other miscellaneous fees might tackle a pretty penny onto your total moving costs. Inquire beforehand and forego those worries.