Even if you have a television that is brand new and works wonderfully, if you’re not getting quality reception with your antenna, you’re not going to be able to enjoy having that nice television. Owning an antenna can be a challenge for people who are not used to working with the nuances of changing antenna positions and alignments.

In fact, it can be quite difficult to know how to arrange your antenna so that you get the best quality of television and the most channels at your disposal. Sometimes, you may only get one or the other or neither.

A lot of the this will depend on where you live, so you should keep that in mind. But the bottom line is if you’re not using your antenna correctly or if you are aligning it improperly near or on your home, no matter where you are located, you’re going to run into some issues, such as the following.

1. You won’t get all the channels you deserve.

First, if your antenna is not properly aligned, you run the risk of not getting all of the channels that you should be able to get in your current location. You may be able to get a few that are local or randomly picking up strong signals, but if you know that you should be getting more channels and you’re not, it’s likely due to your antenna alignment.

2. The channels you do get won’t come in properly.

If you do get a lot of channels but they are not clear or keep cutting in and out, this is another common problem of improper antenna alignment. You might be getting a few of the local channels but they are fuzzy or come in and out as you move toward the TV or away.

3. You’ll get the dreaded “combination channels.”

Sometimes, when things with your antenna are going really wrong, you get combination channels. This is when you get the sounds from one channel on the picture of another channel or vice versa.

4. You’ll receive signals from the wrong place.

You might also start receiving signals from the wrong areas. For example, you might not get your local news station but you’ll get the new station from halfway across the state. This is not necessarily the news you want to be seeing, and it may even be on a different time zone, which can be quite confusing.

5. You’ll get picture but no sound.

Finally, another common problem with the improper alignment of antennas is when you get the picture from one channel but not the sound. This can be extremely frustrating as you might think there’s something wrong with your television, but you will quickly see that it’s the antenna when you switch channels and have sound on other channels.