Transpromotional (or transpromo for short) marketing is the practice of adding promos to bills, invoices, and other documents sent to customers – and other businesses. This has advantages over solutions such as email marketing in that you have essentially a captive audience that’s paying closer attention to this document than they would be to a promotional email. So sneaking a little marketing into the empty real estate is a cost effective strategy. This technique results in a higher click-through rate and better ROI than email campaigns . Here are five innovative ways you can use transpromotional marketing in your own documents.

Let customers create
Testimonials are an excellent form of marketing when used correctly. Ask for customer feedback, and you’re going to get a positive blurb you can use, such as “ACECORP provided great customer service to resolve our issues and get us up and running again – thanks! Joe J.”, then follow it with a tag like “Tell us what you think” and a link to an online form where customers can give their own feedback. When you know what customers want and expect, you can tailor your marketing. It’s customer opinion that matters. In that sense, customer ideas have more value than employee ideas.

Relate to big events
Marketing is most effective when people associate it with the real world. Link your brand to big events. For instance, if your company is the sponsor at an upcoming celebrity event, or paying for the local 4th of July fireworks show, mention it on your correspondence. If there aren’t any events, make one – a positive publicity stunt pays off. As one example, Toyota made news when one of their new Tundra trucks hauled the space shuttle Endeavor off to a museum after its retirement.

Save the whales
Or dolphins, or trees – whatever charity you choose. Charity doesn’t have to be a special event. On-going support of a good cause is great PR. Make your involvement with local or national charities a fixture on your B2B communications; for instance you could include a logo for the American Cancer Society and include a web link, while encouraging users to support them, as well. On this site you could provide further promotional material – a sort of charity funnel, if you will – before sending them to the ACS donation page. A formal partnership with such organizations benefits both. Over time your company will become associated with it and recognized for its leadership and philanthropy, while deploying effective, low-cost marketing.