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Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, are relatively new devices that have seen a sharp rise in popularity. Although you do not see them as often as traditional tobacco products, they are popping up all around the country. The devices offer an alternative to standard cigarettes. Here are five important reasons to make the switch to e-cigarettes.

Fewer Problems than Tobacco

Around 3.7 percent of adults use e-cigarettes. One reason many do is that they present fewer problems than tobacco cigarettes. Tobacco can do things such as turn your teeth yellow and give you bad breath. Tobacco needs to have an end actively burning at all times presenting a fire hazard. E-cigarettes do not have these problems. The vapor will not yellow your teeth and the devices are not a fire hazard when used and maintained correctly. This makes them preferable over typical tobacco cigarettes and cigars.

Wide Variety of Flavors and Strengths

E-cigarettes earn over a billion dollars a year now. Part of this is because e-cigarettes have a wide variety of flavors and strengths available for every taste. This is unlike tobacco where flavors are highly limited. There are e-liquids for the devices in flavors like bubblegum, chocolate cake and pineapple. Each of the liquids can also have a different nicotine level. E-liquids are available with the same level of nicotine as a tobacco cigarette, with no nicotine and with all levels in between. This gives you a greater range of options when using an e-cigarette.

No Lingering Smells or Smoke

A real problem with tobacco cigarettes and cigars is that the smell and smoke linger for some time. Rooms where people smoke regularly can start to develop yellow walls and a stale smell that is incredibly difficult to remove. Tobacco can even saturate clothing so that the smell follows a person for hours. E-cigarettes have no lingering smells or smoke. The vapor evaporates very quickly and leaves nothing behind.

Less Expensive Than Tobacco over Time

Buying conventional tobacco cigarettes can be very expensive today considering all the taxes and other fees that need to be paid. E-cigarettes are a better choice because they are less expensive than tobacco over time in many cases. The largest expense is the initial purchase of the device. The e-liquids are relatively inexpensive and last for a very long time. This will save you money especially since the price of tobacco could rise dramatically in coming years.

Potentially Avoid Problems with Smoke-Free Zones

The threat of second-hand smoke resulted in many cities and states declaring strict smoke-free zones. This includes inside private establishments in many cases. A solution might be to switch to e-cigarettes. There are only a few regulations around the devices. This means you could potentially be able to use an e-cigarette in a smoke-free zone without encountering any problems or complaints.