When it’s time for moving day, there are a number of different tasks to complete when moving heavy items and traveling to a new location. From your electronics to your appliances, there are a variety of personal belongings to move on your own or with the help of professional movers. To ensure that you’re prepared for the process, there are a few essential supplies to have on hand during the day.

1. Utility or Furniture Dolly

With many of the items that you need to load into the moving truck, it can be impossible to lift items that are hundreds of pounds in weight. A dolly will offer proper support to protect your back and safely move the item out of the home. You can also wrap padding around the dolly to ensure that the items aren’t scratched or dented as you transport it.

2. Garbage Bags

Although you’ve likely removed all of your clutter and trash from your home while preparing to move out, you’ll still need garbage bags to use on certain items when transporting everything. Garbage bags can be used to hold different clothes that are still on the hanger to ensure that you don’t have to pack everything individually. They can also prevent scratches on art pieces or frames.

3. Specialty Containers

According to, you’ll need specialty containers to hold awkward items that may not fit easily into typical cardboard boxes. Wardrobe boxes or dish barrels will make it easier to transport items and prevent damage during the process.

4. Stair-roller

Anyone who has stairs in their home or is moving from an upstairs apartment will quickly learn how difficult it can be to move heavy furniture. A stair-roller will make it easier to move items and is easy to attach to ensure that dressers or loveseats can be rolled down the stairs instead of carried. This is even more effective on carpeted staircases.

5. Tape Gun Dispensers

According to, tape gun dispensers can reduce the time that you spend packing and moving by applying tape and cutting it within seconds. This can also be used when you’re wrapping blankets around a fragile mirror or need to secure the bottom of heavy boxes that may be prone to breaking.

When you’re planning on moving, it’s important to prepare for the step by having the necessary tools and supplies on hand for a smooth process. Using the right materials will make it easier to prevent damage or accidents from occurring while also protecting your safety. Although moving may be stressful and will require plenty of energy, you can ease some of the strain with enough preparation.