If you believe that leopard print is the only kind of fashion skin in the game, then think again. Leopard is a favorite and classic design for the style-savvy, but there are more. Zebra, cheetah and tiger are other popular printed garment types. From Jackie Kennedy to Kate Moss and non-celebrities alike, these prints look lovely with just about everything you’re wearing. This striking patterned design remains a significant fashion trend, and we have “5 Chic Ways To Wear Animal Print.”

1. Head To Toe. Animal print doesn’t have to have a limit in your ensemble. In fact, the more the merrier. For example, you can put on the design from head to toe and look ultra-sophisticated. One Vogue fashion editor tried it. She paired a leopard beret with a leopard trench coat, leopard pumps, leopard handbag and a leopard umbrella.

You can also mix and match different animal prints. The editor also put on an emerald green tiger-printed evening maxi-dress with a pair of Dalmatian spot mules one evening.

2. To The Office. Yes, you can slip into an edgy animal print and go to work in it. The aim is to keep your ensemble simple and the animal print minimal. If you wear all black with your animal print piece, it can still remain the focus but in an understated and polished manner.

You could also style your animal print garment with the opposite shade of white. Some stylists believe that white makes the pattern more inconspicuous and keeps an outfit more cohesive.

3. With Your Jeans. When you desire a little oomph and sophistication with your favorite pair of denim, then add an animal print. Supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whitely is a modern style icon. She has been photographed in a cheetah print blouse, curve-hugging skinny jeans, heels and carrying a black clutch.

4. As Boss Accessory. Animal print is bold and powerful-looking and can add authority to your ensemble with the right accessory. Reality TV stars Lisa Rinna and Kris Jenner are obsessed with the beauty of animal spot garments and are often seen out and about wearing their favorite prints.

A pair of leopard shoes, leopard clutch, leopard wrap or leopard belt are fine examples of the one accessory that can elevate your ensemble.

5. To The Beach. Why not? Animal print bathing suits are sizzling-hot for summer. Misses, juniors or plus size, this spotted print looks glamorous and classic on all figure types.

Wearing animal print doesn’t have to look old-lady-like. Style icons know the impact these striking printed garments can have on an outfit. Leopard, tiger, you make the choice. It’s time to get bold and noticed.

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