Whenever I talk to people about credit, I find it rather sad that they rarely know what their credit score is or how they got it,¬†even though it’s such a pivotal part of their life when it comes to getting high-value loans. In this article, we hope to give you four reasons that you should be checking your credit score regularly, whether you already are or you never do.

1. It Helps You See How Credit Works Besides just getting to see where you are, knowing your credit score and watching its changes on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis can help you to get a feel for how your credit-based activities are affecting your score, whether that be for better or worse. For checking purposes, we always recommend that individuals use Credit Karma, as it updates your scores from two of the major credit bureaus on a weekly basis and also provides advice on how to improve your score.

2. It Helps You Find Problems Many times, information will appear on your credit report that doesn’t belong there. Often, checking your score often will allow you to see dramatic drops in your score that you don’t think should have happened. Experian also reports that those who check their credit regularly are far more likely to know if they have been victims of identity theft. A save like that can save you thousands of dollars and a lot of turmoil.

3. It’s Part of Growing Financially Make no mistake about it, credit will be a huge part of your life as you get older. Having the ability to get cheap loans at great rates will save you a ton of cash when it comes to making important purchases–think engagement ring, car, and house savings. Checking your credit score should be a part of your regular activities just like checking your bank statements and investment accounts is. It will help you to grow in financial understanding that will help you throughout life.

4. It Can Protect You from Others’ Mistakes This one is for the parents out there. For anyone who has co-signed on to another’s credit card accounts, checking your own credit score can be pivotal. USA Today¬†points out that if you co-signed for someone else and they are allowing their accounts to go delinquent, your score could be in for some major pain. So, be proactive and stay on top of that score!