Prepaid cell phones prominently sit on display in many retail stores. You can even find prepaid phones in pharmacies and convenience stores. The sheer volume of the phones on sale suggests tremendous popularity. Maybe you are thinking about buying one but just aren’t sure about their benefits. Plus, many potential customers are comfortable their traditional giant mobile phone corporation and its service packages. Upon checking out a few of the main benefits of prepaid cell phone services, you may see great value in them.

1.) You pay only for what you really need.

Prepaid cellular phones employ a “pay as you go” process. You pay a set amount of money for a set amount of minutes per month. Every time you place a phone call or use data or send a text, a portion is deducted from the balance. If you don’t use the phone that much, paying $20 per month for minimal use makes sense. You aren’t stuck with a $100 bill every month from a big-name mobile service. A prepaid phone can be a serious money saver.

2.) There are no contracts involved.

Major mobile phone services usually require a contract for new customers. A two-year service contract is not out of the question. Whether you use the phone a lot or not, the two-year contract mandates paying every month for the entire term. Early cancellations may come with a steep penalty as well. With prepaid phones, no contracts are involved. You may cancel the service anytime you wish. You can also start it up again at a later date.

3.) You can easily add more minutes if necessary.

What happens if you exceed your monthly allotment of minutes? You buy more. Really, that would be all you have to do. Simply load more minutes by making a purchase with a credit card to restore service.

If you find yourself needing to reload the phone frequently, you could always upgrade to another prepaid plan. Instead of $30 per month, just choose the $60 per month option. Doing so still allows you to match your expenditures to the actual use of the phone.

4.) Prepaid phones are more accessible.

Persons with bad credit may be turned down by a company wishing to sign customers up for contracts. Age requirements might be in place to sign up for a major mobile phone service. With a prepaid phone, you simply make a purchase and activate the phone. No burdens exist in which the user must meet a number of annoying requirements.

A prepaid phone might be worth looking into for those interested in saving money and avoiding hassles. The upsides to these phones are hard to ignore.